"Whether I am delivering health truth or I am helping others do it, I am still accomplishing my purpose. My goal: Empowering people to live healthy and maximized lives."

Education and Communication Services


Looking for your next product spokesperson or feel you have a product that aligns with my expertise in corporate wellness, yoga & fitness, or nutrition? Let’s talk! I have extensive experience doing strategic and tactical planning for major corporations in my prior career as an advertising executive. As a credentialed Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I can help promote your brand as a key opinion leader and authoritative figure. Partnerships also present opportunities for promotions and contests.


Looking for a credible nutrition and fitness professional to speak at your next event? I am a trained public speaking professional in the areas of nutrition, fitness, and a variety of wellness topics. I have contributed to many media outlets, and can speak or write on behalf of your publication, newsletter, website, blog, or social media.


Want to position your health or lifestyle product as easy to use and highly relatable? As an experienced media spokesperson and online trainer, I can offer simple, fun and engaging video demonstrations that bring your product and message to life. See some of my on-camera work here


Adding credibility to your nutrition messaging doesn't have to mean dishing up the dull and pedantic. When you book me for a media appearance you don't just get someone able to back your position with heavy-hitting science. You also get a passionate speaker, someone comfortable on camera, someone who loves engaging with audiences, someone who can't help but add a little sparkle.


You can take the girl out of the advertising world, but you can’t take the advertising world out of the girl. Where else will you find a dietitian who understands business and communications from both a consumer and professional perspective? If you’re looking for the best way to build your brand and how to optimally get into the minds and mouths of influencers like dietitians and ultimately purchased by consumers, then you need someone who has extensive experience and connections in both worlds. A unique service like none other!



From fitness to nutrition to branding, I take complex ideas and make them doable and fun. But simple doesn’t mean simplistic. My messages are backed by extensive education, training, experience, and evidence-based science. Here are my credentials.


When you partner with me you get solid science wrapped in a fun and actionable approach. As an RDN with an MS in Nutrition & Food Science, I have the education, research and professional experience to distill solid messages backed by hard evidence. As a frequent media presenter and spokesperson for the American Dairy Association North East, American Heart Association of NJ and NJ Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, I've perfected the art of tuning those messages to the needs of each new audience.


Is your message allied with yoga, mindfulness, meditation, or stress reduction? My training includes: 300-hr Laughing Lotus Registered Yoga Teacher, Fly & Release Aerial Yoga Teacher Training and 200-hr Dharma Yoga Center Registered Yoga Teacher. I'm also an experienced online instructor. See my demo videos.


I craft weekly meal plans and recipes for individuals, couples and families that  feature wholesome ingredients, include grocery lists for simple shopping, and are easy-to-follow for people of all levels of cooking skill. Have a new or under-appreciated healthy ingredient or product? Let's help it find the love it deserves. 


Variety keeps fitness fun! From stretching and relaxation to bootcamps in the park, I'm versed in a wide range of exciting and effective disciplines. Whether your brand aligns with a gentle yoga flow, a scenic stand up paddleboard on the bay, or an empowering round of kickboxing, your session will pack a punch.



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Known for it

Health is not just what we eat. It's the entire lifestyle we're committed to. Mandy brings this integrated approach to diverse audiences, offering motivation, fun and results. Publications and media outlets appreciate her easy blend of scientific knowledge with audience engagement.


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