Episode 19: Double Date: Structuring Meals and “Dudeatritians” with Zach and Alyssa Cordell

Nutrition-Nuptials-Episode-19 Double Date Zach and Alyssa Cordell
April 2019 |

Light some candles, turn on the stove and maybe refill those air fresheners because we have a brand new double date. Our guests this evening (well, episode) are dietitian nutritionist Zach Cordell and his artist wife Alyssa. On this double date, we discuss costume parties, reminisce about McDonalds birthdays in the ‘80s, and suggests ways your own kitchen can accommodate for diabetes.



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Nutrition-Nuptials-Episode-19 Double Date Zach and Alyssa Cordell


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Nutrition-Nuptials-Episode-19 Double Date Zach and Alyssa Cordell


Zach Cordell is a nutrition professor at Daytona State College as well as a registered dietitian nutritionist—or Dudeatritian, as he calls himself. His wife Alyssa is a former art teacher and currently a self-described “dope mom of twin girls.” She occasionally sells her own handmade postcards at local galleries and fairs. The couple and their family are based out of Ormond Beach, Florida.

[ctt template=”5″ link=”96mef” via=”yes” ]Find out what it means to “Make It To the Next Kiss” on Nutrition Nuptials Podcast Episode 19 with Zach Cordell & his wife Alyssa during our Double Date[/ctt]


  • How Optimus Prime and Lil Wayne brought Zach and Alyssa together.
  • Zach and Alyssa’s secret for getting their wedding together so quickly.
  • Their technique for keeping on top of finances and health while married and still going to school.
  • Adventures (and struggles) in gardening!
  • How where you live can influence how you eat and take care of yourself.
  • Structuring meals and meal plans to accommodate for Alyssa’s diabetes.
  • Knowing when to work together in a relationship and when to be independent.
  • Zach and Alyssa test how well they know each other during the Lightning Round.

Nutrition-Nuptials-Episode-19 Double Date Zach and Alyssa Cordell

Contact Info for Zach Cordell:

The Creation Code

Cordell Nutrition

The Latter-Day Saint Nutritionist Podcast

Zach on Facebook

Zach on Instagram



Nutrition-Nuptials-Episode-19 Double Date Zach and Alyssa Cordell

Links/References discussed on show:

Newlywed Soup Recipe

1 Medium Red Onion
3 Large Sweet Potatoes
3-4 Sereno Chilies
3-5 Garlic Cloves
1, 15oz can White beans (rinsed)
1, 15oz can Black beans (rinsed)- (to beef up soup, add more.)
2, 15oz cans of low sodium chicken broth (compensate more broth with added beans)
2 tsp ground ginger
2 tsp dried oregano
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp chili powder
Toppers to add when soup is done:
Lime juice, salt, cilantro, chili flakes- all to taste
(Add avocado, rotisserie chicken to finished soup, if you like.)
1. Combine spices, chicken broth, beans and chopped sweet potatoes into large pot. (Works in crock-pot too)
Bring to boil and then let simmer. Simmer until potatoes are soft, +- 25mins
2. Finely dice and sauté onions, chilies, and garlic. Add onions last to keep them crunchy.
3. Add sautéd ingredients to soup. Add topper ingredients when ready to serve.
Makes 5-6 servings. Have fun with it, add more of what you like- Enjoy!



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Nutrition-Nuptials-Episode-19 Double Date Zach and Alyssa Cordell

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