Episode 22: Double Date: Touring Diets and Personal Fitness while Parenting with Lisa & Quinn English

Nutrition-Nuptials-Podcast-Episode-22 Double Date Lisa & Quinn English
April 2019 |

Today’s Double Date guest is very near and dear to us because without her, Nutrition Nuptials wouldn’t sound nearly as good as it does or have quite as much character. Lisa English is none other than our show’s composer, and she’s stopped by with her husband Quinn to chat with us about life—and eating well—on the road, adventures in parenting, and staying on top of your health with life gets in the way.



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Nutrition-Nuptials-Podcast-Episode-22 Double Date Lisa & Quinn English | English Properties


Lisa and Quinn English are real estate brokers and musicians based out of New Jersey. Together, they founded English Properties, part of O’Brien Realty, and are raising an adorable three-month-old daughter. In Lisa’s downtime, she composes original music for this show and plays bass for the Asbury Park band Lyons. Quinn is your man in any situation where real estate intersects with environmental impact, and he plays drums to boot!

[ctt template=”5″ link=”EUJ1c” via=”yes” ]Lisa & Quinn English join the Nutrition Nuptials Podcast on Episode 22 for a Double Date to discuss their former life on the road touring with bands and now as parents. Catch the episode now[/ctt]

Nutrition-Nuptials-Podcast-Episode-22 Double Date Lisa & Quinn English | English Properties


  • How Lisa comes up with the music for this show (including Taco’s favorite piece, “Taco Terminology”).
  • The eviction that resulted in a happy ending—beginning, rather—for Lisa and Quinn.
  • The surprising connection the Englishes have found between the music world and the real estate world.
  • The hassles of eating healthy when you’re a touring musician, and how Lisa & Quinn overcame them.
  • Taco Bell’s unexpectedly vegetarian approach to its recipes.
  • The ups and downs of raising a little baby girl, and how meal delivery services have been a boon to them.
  • How they stay on top of personal fitness when parenting is consuming their schedules.

Nutrition-Nuptials-Podcast-Episode-22 Double Date Lisa & Quinn English | English Properties

Contact Info for Lisa & Quinn:

English Properties

Lyon’s homepage

Lyons NEW music video for ISLANDS

Bring Up the House Music podcast

Nutrition-Nuptials-Podcast-Episode-22 Double Date Lisa & Quinn English | English Properties


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Mandy Enright, MS, RDN, RYT is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and fitness instructor. She is the creator of the blog, Nutrition Nuptials, where she has been helping couples learn how to merge their lifestyles together and served as the inspiration for this podcast. Mandy is dedicated to helping teach people how to fit the foods they love into their lifestyle with an “all foods fit” philosophy. She is joined every episode by her co-host and husband, Taco. Taco and Mandy are active beach bums who live at the Jersey Shore and are always exploring restaurants, breweries, wineries, and perfect sunsets. You can check out their finds on Instagram by following #AdventuresOfTacoAndMandy.

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Nutrition Nuptials is all about helping couples learn how to go from a “ME” to a “WE” when it comes to their household habits, particularly when it comes to nutrition, fitness, and overall well-being. The backbone of the story is the STORIES you will hear, because every couple has their trials and triumphs. Know that you’re not alone! Hear Taco & Mandy discuss stories they have experienced personally in their time together. And join them for their Double Date episodes when other couples join the show to share their experiences.  There’s laughs and learnings for all!

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