How to Give the Gift of Health & Fitness

Giving the Gift of Fitness

With the holiday season here, the challenge of finding your significant other the perfect gift has arrived. If getting healthy has been on your significant other’s Wish List, here are some approaches to giving the gift of health & fitness.

First and foremost, unless your significant other has expressed interest in starting a healthy living or fitness plan, DO NOT give them a fitness-themed gift.  They may think you’re implying a need for weight loss.  However, if it’s a gift both of you can enjoy together, then you can present it as a way to spend more time together.  After all, why should all date nights revolve around going out to eat?

Give Something Small but Motivational

Getting healthy doesn’t have to be a grand gesture of a new treadmill or aweekend detox excursion to Canyon Ranch. Many of these items are overpriced or may go unused if the recipient is not interested. Small items can still be motivational in an effort to get started on a healthy plan.


  • Personal fitness devices remain a popular option this holiday season (such as Fitbit). If you chose to give one, I highly recommend a device that has a heart rate monitor to more accurately measure calories burned (many of the devices only measure movement of the arm the device is worn on).
  • A pedometer can be equally effective for measuring steps, and a fun idea would be for both of you to wear one and see who achieves more steps in a day.  Perhaps the person with less steps owes the other a foot massage that night?
  • One of the least expensive and best pieces of fitness equipment is a jump rope.  Purchase one that can be customized in length, and some even have weighted options.  Jumping rope is a fantastic cardio workout and can be done anywhere.  Mr E requested a jump rope one year for Christmas, and it now travels with him on every business trip and vacation.

Think Fitness Packages for Gift Packages

Memberships to any gym or fitness studio can be expensive.  And if you’re significant other is on the fence about their interest or commitment to a particular Stuart Milesspot, then start off small.  Many gyms and studios offer class cards for 5-10 classes, or have a month membership option.  Present the gift to your partner that if they like the facility, once their package runs out you will upgrade them to a full membership.  If they already belong to a gym or studio, give a gift of personal training packages or private lessons.  Why I don’t recommend Groupon  as a gift option.

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Look Good to Feel Good

I won’t generalize all women, but I must say I am extra motivated to attend a class when I have a new pair of yoga pants to show off.  Whether its fitness clothing or sneakers, there is something exciting about new gear.

  • If you’re apprehensive about buying the correct size, you can always sneak a peak at your significant other’s clothes (for women, also check their bra size), cross-reference the size guide, and ask the store associate for help.  Make sure you’re clear on the return policy.
  • I don’t recommend giving a gift card for your significant other, even if it is to their favorite store – this is the person you’re supposed to know best, so please make an effort to buy something.  Or offer to take them on a shopping spree for new fitness gear.
  • If you got them a package to check out a new fitness studio, buy a piece of gear to go along with it.  For crossfit, get them that jump rope.  Leg warmers or toe socks for barre class.  A new yoga mat. Gloves for boxing.  Show your partner you have a vested interested in helping them get on

Give a Gift You Can Enjoy Too!

If you or your partner is unsure of trying a new activity or doesn’t want to do it alone, then find something new to do together.  Buy lessons for partner dance classes – what a great way to combine a date night with fitness.  Get passes to an indoor rock climbing facility.  Buy a kickboxing package for both of you.  Or sign up for golf or tennis lessons so you can play doubles or against each

Give Gifts for Future Date Nights

And maybe even get out of your comfort zone or date night rut.  Be kids by goofing giftaround at a local indoor trampoline park (yes, adults can play too).  Sign up for healthy cooking classes if you’re looking to improve your skills or learn new recipes.  And those dance lessons I mentioned earlier will not only get your heart racing, but will give a reason to show off your moves at your next wedding or while on vacation.

Calendar Contest

Create a personalized calendar with favorite pictures from the past year that can hang in a prominent spot in your gifthome.  Together with your significant other, write a goal to happen by the last day of the month (or perhaps a weekly goal).  Then create a system for tracking your progress and mark it on the calendar.  Come up with a non-food related reward for the winner, or maybe something for both of you if it’s a goal you’re both aiming to achieve. Non-food reward ideas include a couples massage, new decoration for the home, electronic item, or perhaps a big goal earns a big reward like a vacation or weekend getaway.

Has your Significant Other expressed interest in a health or fitness-related gift this year?

What will you be getting them?  

Sound off in the Comments below!


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