Maximize body and mind performance with nutrition and exercise


Hi! I am Mandy Enright. I want to introduce you to an integrated approach that will help you build career success on the foundation of a sustainable and satisfying life. I want to teach you how to manage stress, care for your body, and support your health for the long run.


My Approach


High-achieving professionals succeed for a reason. They bring strengths, skills, and passion to their work, day in and day out. This single-minded focus is their double-edged sword. When they are dialed in to meeting the next goal or benchmark they can neglect to move, to eat, to see the sunshine — even (I'm not kidding) to really breathe.

But, they're also masters of daily habits that lead to success. When I teach professionals practical and fun practices that build health and resilience ... when I show them how nutrition and movement don't get in the way of a busy life, but lock in like a missing piece ... they take these new habits and run.  And now they're running on all cylinders.

Work works better. Life feels amazing!

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Meet Mandy

A former New York advertising executive, Mandy Enright, MS, RDN, RYT, knows firsthand how hard it is to maximize work performance when the body and mind are running on empty. Seeking answers, Mandy became a registered dietitian nutritionist, registered yoga teacher, and fitness trainer. After reenergizing her own life, Mandy set her sights on transforming the health and well-being of busy professionals through corporate wellness programs, nutrition communications and personal and group training.

Mandy's fresh approach to modern wellness builds physical and mental health through the enjoyment of food and movement. Her programs are practical, accessible and enjoyable for people of all backgrounds. Participants love that she gets where they're at, cuts through nutrition and health myths and has them laughing so hard, they stop thinking being healthy is hard work. 

Known for it

Health is not just what we eat. It's the entire lifestyle we're committed to. Mandy brings this integrated approach to diverse audiences, offering motivation, fun and results. Publications and media outlets appreciate her easy blend of scientific knowledge with audience engagement.

My Services

My accessible approach to healthy food and movement meets people where they are. My programs include: 

Corporate Wellness
From program development to on-site coaching and education, I improve the health, performance and life satisfaction of busy professionals.

Health Communications
I offer science-based health solutions in an entertaining, actionable format.

Want more? I also partner with like-minded brands in business-building practices. 



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