Summer Bucket List


The sun is about to set on summer.  Every year, Mr. E and I create a Summer “To Do” list of things we want to do and see. Now that Labor Day Weekend is upon us, it’s time to check off what we accomplished, create a game plan for this weekend, and see what can carry over to the Fall.  How did Summer 2015 stack up? 

It’s no secret that I absolutely love the summer.  Maybe it’s because I love the warm weather.  Or being in the ocean.  Or because I met Mr. E Summer 2005 and each year I’m transported back to that first summer together.  All of these memories provide motivation to keep making new ones as we work on our Summer Bucket list.

Throughout the year, we keep an ongoing list of things we want to do each season.  This helps prevent the “What do you want to do tonight?” syndrome and limits doing the same exact thing weekly.  Mostly a lot of restaurants wind up on the list, but a new activity or two makes the list to keep us active (hello, Paddle N Pour SUP bar tour!).  However, there always seems to be that one list item that seems to get away from us every year (I’m talking about you, Asbury Park Pedal Boats).


One of the main reasons we live full time in a beach town is because we absolutely love the beach and the culture that comes with it.  At the Jersey Shore it’s all about Skeeball, the ocean, and catching a sunset as often as possible.  But occasionally getting out of town is a welcome change as well.


With the warm weather, activity gets amplified in the summertime.  Main transportation becomes our bikes.  Workouts now happen on the water.  Frequent romantic walks along the beach.  There’s no excuses not to be moving throughout the day.  And sometimes we’ll sit back and relax at a baseball game.


Whether it’s dining al fresco at home or checking out a new restaurant, summer bites are always a highlight.  There are a lot of seasonal restaurants that are only open during the summer months, so got to get our fill before they migrate away from us for the fall and winter.  And of course, a Jersey Girl has got to hit up her local farm market for all the fresh seasonal goodies!

Did you cross off items on your Summer Bucket List?  

What was your favorite thing you did this summer?  

Any summer romances you’re looking to keep hot into fall?  

Leave some summer love in the Comments below.

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