With gyms and studios closing indefinitely due to Coronavirus, many of us still want to get our fitness time in. It's great for mental health and immunity in addition to our physical health.

Join fitness & yoga instructor Mandy Enright for FREE Live Online classes during Coronavirus Quarantine. Mandy will lead daily 30-minute sessions of fitness & yoga via Zoom.


Fitness: Classes will be combination of HIIT (high intensity interval training), Bootcamp, and Circuit Training. Participants are encouraged to bring their own props to challenge themselves - weights, resistance bands, etc. 

To keep the classes dynamic & challenging, I will be incorporating the following props each day. Have these available for class:

Mondays: NOTHING - bodyweight only

Tuesdays: Free Weights (can also use water bottles, cans, gallon jugs, etc. Can also use Kettlebells or Resistance Bands)

Wednesdays: A Chair (or milk crate or box - make sure it is something that can support your weight)

Thursdays: Medicine Ball (or a basketball, soccer ball, or volleyball - must be something that can support your weight)

Fridays: NOTHING - bodyweight only

Yoga: Classes will be a vinyasa flow style. Participants are encouraged to use a mat and bring their own props for support - blocks, blankets, yoga straps, bolsters. 


  1. Sign up for a FITNESS and/or YOGA class and select your desired date and class time
  2. You will receive a confirmation email along with a link to the class
  3. To use ZOOM:
    • If you are viewing from a desktop/laptop computer, simply go to the link provided in your confirmation email
    • If you are viewing from a smartphone or tablet, you will need to download the ZOOM app
  4. Place your computer or device in a place where you can both listen and view the session
    • If you have the option of projecting video to a TV (such as through AirPlay), this is highly recommended for easy viewing
  5. All participants will be automatically muted. It is up to you if you choose to have your camera on – I'd love to see your smiling face, but not required (FYI - only my screen appears on the playback recoding)
  6. Show up ready to have fun! BYO props, and have a towel and water bottle ready for when you sweat!
    • Because of copyright issues, I won't be able to share music online, but you can make your own playlists to get yourself motivated!
  7. Miss a class? Don't sweat it! Registered participants will receive a recording of the class to watch and do on their own time - or repeat a favorite class over the weekend!


FITNESS: Daily 9-9:30am EST (reserve your FITNESS class spot here)

YOGA: Daily 9:30-10am EST (reserve your YOGA class spot here)

*Please note, due to a prior obligation, Tuesday 3/24 classes will take place at 4 & 4:30pm EST.