Blizzard Bites for Snowy Days

Blizzard Bites
January 2016 |

I hate snow, but I love snow days.  In a world where Mr E and I are constantly running around, it’s nice to have a day here and there where we’re forced to stay indoors.  And there is nothing better a snow day is for than doing some serious cooking making Blizzard Bites.

Mr E often calls me an Italian Grandmother, because I love doing cooking projects from scratch.  And then stocking up the freezer to have meals for busy nights.  Some days I like a more active project, such as making homemade pasta.  Other days, Mr E and I will fire up the slow cooker first thing in the morning, watch some mindless TV and movies, and enjoy a hot meal for dinner with minimal effort.

The key to a productive snow day is the prep.  Mr and and I planned out the meals we wanted to make as soon as the weather forecast was proven true.  Sometimes it’s a new recipe, and sometimes it’s an oldie but goodie.  From our planning, a Blizzard Bitesshopping list was created.  I went to the store as early as possible to avoid the frenzy (although there were still a lot of people who had the same idea), and now ready to be snowbound for the weekend.

The Jersey Shore is under a serious blanket of snow right now.  And we’re getting ready to enjoy some delicious treats all weekend long.  Follow our snow day projects by checking out my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  And join our snow days eats and treats party using #BlizzardBites and tag @nutritionnuptials to share how you’re spending the day indoors.

Check out my snow day tips for safe shoveling or find some Blizzard Bites inspiration from my recipes.

Share your Blizzard Bites using #BlizzardBites and tag @nutritionnuptials.  Can’t wait to see how you’re enjoying the snow day.  Stay safe and warm everyone!

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