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Mug Breakfast
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You know you heard it a million times as a kid. And if you’re Taco, my nutrition clients, or have been to one of my presentations, then you’ve heard me repeatedly tell you: DO NOT SKIP BREAKFAST! Skipping breakfast has been linked to higher rates of obesity due to slower metabolism and tendency to overeat at other meals. When we don’t eat breakfast, we’re denying our body energy to get moving in the morning, which can lead to foggy brains, droopy eyes, and hangry significant others. Not the stuff dream days are made of. That’s why I’m sharing a great breakfast solution.

Mug Breakfast | Nutrition Nuptials

Admit it: no one wants to feel rushed in the morning. And sometimes breakfast is the meal that gets sacrificed in the process. But as I have to tell a lot of my clients (especially the corporate wellness folks), coffee does not count as breakfast. Coffee has no calories (which means no energy) and caffeine that tells our brain we’re full when we haven’t eaten anything. Sounds great, right?! As my serious coffee addicts know, after awhile one cup just doesn’t cut it. And we rely on more coffee to get us through the day. Yup – coffee is kind of like a drug in a mug. Delicious with a meal, but should not be consumed as the meal. Today I’m sharing a breakfast that you actually CAN have in a mug that will make you feel satisfied, energized, and not reaching so soon for another cup of coffee. Ladies and gents, meet the 2-minute microwave mug breakfast!

Breakfast Mug | Nutrition Nuptials

In case you can’t tell, I love when my meals involve as little cleanup as possible. These one mug breakfasts are a total winner in that category. Mix and make everything in that one mug, microwave, and enjoy. No muss, no fuss, no major cleanup. And if you and your significant other have different breakfast moods, such as sweet vs savory, you can each have your own without breaking the time bank.

I became obsessed with these single mug breakfasts a few weeks ago. I prepping for a cooking demo and instructed to make 3 cups of quinoa. The way the recipe was written gave the impression that I was supposed to cook 3 cups of dry quinoa. Note to all recipe writers: 3 cups cooked quinoa is VERY different than 3 cups quinoa, cooked. As a result I wound up with 6+ cups of quinoa. Now, Mr. E is a patient man and knows I love to do batch cooking. BUT he can’t have quinoa with every meal, which forced some creativity on my end. And so the breakfast mugs were born.


All About That Base

These breakfast mugs can be made with a base ingredient of either a whole grain or coarse veggie. So for my batch cookers out there, this breakfast is calling your name! Changing up the base prevents boredom if you choose to add these into your weekly breakfast rotation (Spoiler Alert: you will!) These are what I have found work best as the base ingredient:

  • Cooked quinoa
  • Cooked sorghum
  • Uncooked rolled oats
  • Raw cauliflower rice

Mug Breakfast | Nutrition Nuptials | oats and quinoa

Microwave Magic!

Step #1 when making your breakfast mug: pick your favorite 8 ounce mug.  Or, if pressed for time, use a disposable, microwave safe to-go cup. Start by filling your mug halfway with base ingredient of choice (one half cup). Break one egg into the mug, add 1 tablespoon of milk (or your preferred non-dairy of choice), and use a fork to mash it all together. The basic recipe alone is packed with almost 20g of protein and over 5g of fiber (even more, depending on the base). 

One quick side note for my ambitious meal preppers. Don’t mix together the base recipe in advance and let it sit overnight. The base ingredient will soak up any liquid, causing a very dry mug breakfast.

Breakfast Mug Base Recipe

  • 1/2 C base ingredient of choice
  • 1 egg
  • 1 TB milk

 Mug Breakfast | Nutrition Nuptials

Creativity Counts!

Now comes the fun part! Add in your ingredients and choose your own breakfast mug adventure. In this post I’m giving give you a savory, spicy, and sweet option to enjoy. I’m sharing with a few on my favorite Wildtree seasonings and blends, but feel free to explore with your favorite flavors, too! After you’ve flavored your mug, pop it into the microwave for 2 minutes. Give it a moment to cool, and breakfast is served! 

Mug Breakfast | Nutrition Nuptials

Savory Breakfast Mug

After making the base recipe with your grain of choice, mix in the pesto and mozzarella cheese. This is also a great opportunity to add in leftover vegetables that you may have at your home such as spinach, tomatoes, or roasted red peppers. Once everything gets mixed, top with a little extra mozzarella cheese before putting in the microwave for two minutes.

Mug Breakfast | Nutrition Nuptials |Wildtree Basil Pesto

Spicy Breakfast Mug

Add shredded cheese and salsa spice mix to the prepared base recipe. You can also use any kind of taco seasoning, red pepper flakes, or spicy blend you love. This is another great opportunity to add some veggies. Sprinkle a little cheese on top, pop in microwave for two minutes and enjoy starting your day with a kick!

Mug Breakfast | Nutrition Nuptials |Wildtree Basil Pesto

Sweet Banana Muffin Breakfast Mug

Add banana, Sugar & Spice Mix (or blend of cinnamon, sugar, nutmeg), and honey to base recipe. Mix together and sprinkle additional Sugar & Spice mix on top before microwaving for two minutes.

Mug Breakfast | Nutrition Nuptials |Wildtree Hearty Oatmeal Mix-In: Sugar & Spice

Make these breakfast mugs and treat your sweetie to their favorite breakfast flavors. Enjoy a lazy Sunday on the couch or send them off with a hot breakfast on a cold morning. When it comes to the many things couples can enjoy together, this is one time you’ll look forward to something ending in under 2 minutes.

Recommendation: microwave, set of mugs

Mug Breakfast | Nutrition Nuptials

Mini Breakfast Mug Recipe Roundup

In case you need some more inspiration for single mug meals at breakfast, check out these recipes from my dietitian colleagues:

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Apple Cinnamon Mug Cake from The Wandering RD

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Microwave Shakshuka and Quinoa from Perspective Portions





2-Minute Microwave Breakfast Mug

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Prep Time: 3 minutes
Cook Time: 2 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Servings: 1 mug


Basic Recipe

  • 1/2 C base ingredient of choice try cooked quinoa, cooked sorghum, uncooked rolled oats, or raw cauliflower rice
  • 1 egg
  • 1 TB milk


  • Mix all ingredients together in a lightly greased eight ounce mug.
  • Add flavoring or seasonings of choice (see Notes for suggestions)
  • Microwave for 2 minutes. Allow to cool up to one minute after and enjoy!


Savory Breakfast Mug: Mix in 1 tsp basil pesto sauce with 1 TB shredded mozzarella cheese
Spicy Breakfast Mug: Mix in TB spicy seasoning blend with 1 TB shredded Mexican cheese blend
Banana Muffin Mug: Mix in 1/2 mashed banana, 1/4 tsp Sugar & Spice Oatmeal Mix In, 1/8 tsp honey
Mix in veggies, seeds, or fruit as desired.

DISCLAIMER: In the spirit of full disclosure, I am a representative for Wildtree.  This means I receive a commission if you decide to purchase anything from the Wildtree links provided on this site, which allows me to keep this website and blog active for you and future readers. I truly believe in Wildtree as an organization and support their mission of empowering households to create simple healthy meals. Please refer to my full Disclosure statement.

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