A Battle Cry to My Dietitian Colleagues – It’s Time We Speak Up!


I recently wrote a piece for Pulse Connect, a network of health influencers, about the role Registered Dietitian Nutritionists currently play in the media.  It’s time we SPEAK UP to showcase our expertise and provide sound scientific evidence to the public when it comes to health advice.

Dietitians are credentialed nutrition experts, and yet we continue to get overshadowed in the media by celebrities, TV doctors, and bloggers with large followings.  The time has come for we, as a professional whole, to assess what’s going on with the public’s perception of “professional advice” and identify what media sources individuals are responding to when it comes time for action with their health and nutrition decisions. We are doing the public AND our profession a disservice by not being louder in the media to promote the value of dietitians in helping the public achieve their health goals.  It’s time we SPEAK UP!  Read the full article on Pulse Connect.

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To learn more about Registered Dietitian Nutritionists, or to work with one in your area, visit the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics.

What are your thoughts on the role dietitians currently play in the media?  Who do you follow for nutrition advice? What is their background and credential?  Please share in the Comments.

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