What’s your Eating Lifestyle?

Diet Overview 2015
January 2015 |

“DIET” is a term that needs to be phased out.  Once someone puts the idea of “diet” in their head, they automatically have determined if they are going to be challenged or defeated.  I like to use the term “Eating Lifestyle” instead.  Rather than putting emphasis on what you should not be doing (or should be doing to the EXTREME), “eating lifestyle” focuses on how you eat as opposed to what.  Make it a 2015 goal to start using “eating lifestyle” in place of “diet”.

Today it seems like everyone is following some kind of “diet”.  The numerous diets being advertised are confusing with what’s legit, what’s safe, and what’s right for YOU.  Those tempting before/after pictures on Facebook of magic cleanses or a Dr. Oz’s endorsement of the herbal pill may be tempting, but are they really your best bets?

To help you decide, US News and World Report has once again published their annual Best Diets Rankings. For the past 5 years, this report has been a gold-standard in ranking popular eating plans that are frequently talked about in the media.  Some emphasize weight loss, while others focus on disease prevention.  Rankings are done by reviewing nutritional completeness, ease of following, safety, opportunity for weight loss, and if the diet is appropriate for those with diabetes or heart health concerns.  A panel of healthcare experts review the diets and provide their input, which helps determine the rankings.  41 diets were reviewed, and 35 made the final cut.  Here’s a brief overview of some of the most popular diets out there, and how they stack up on the Overall Diet list.  Visit US News & World Report for a full list of rankings and more information on the diets reviewed.

Diet Overview 2015

 For the record, I do not promote or enforce any one eating lifestyle over the other with my clients. Instead, I present the facts for a healthy diet and any diets my clients would like to learn more about. Should they choose to follow a particular eating lifestyle, I work with them to make sure they are following it in the healthiest way possible.  




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