How to DIY Your Own Exercise Equipment

How to DIY Your Own Exercise Equipment
August 2020 |

Use items around your home to create simple gym props.

You don’t need to invest big money into home gym equipment; it’s easy to recreate your own favorite gym props at home. I’ll show you how to make your at-home workout intense without spending a fortune on new equipment.

Need inspiration for at-home workouts? Check out my favorite moves.

Chair or Couch

You don’t need a bench to properly perform workout elements like dips, planks, and push-ups. I like using a chair to expand my ab exercise range at home, as well as a few of my favorite yoga chair videos, which you’ll find on youtube.  Find a sturdy chair in your home, place it on a non-skid surface, and you’re ready to work out.


Grab any ball to use in place of a medicine ball. Check your garage and grab any ball you can find, then use them to assist in squat exercises. If you have a foam ball, such as a Nerf ball, you can use them in ab exercises as well.


Use a broom in place of a barbell to add minor weight and keep your ideal form.


Bosu balls are great, but not everyone has one at home, so use a pillow or two to use in place of a Bosu ball. Use them as a prop for ab work or balance challenges. Use feather pillows to work on core stability and balance. To up the difficulty, try balancing on them while holding weights.

Backpack or Duffle Bag

Take empty bags and fill with weighty goods from your pantry including grains and canned goods to create a homemade sandbag. Try using it for squats and jumps. If you decide to do slams, I recommend not using canned goods unless you want to damage your food items and potentially your floor.

Canned Goods

Do use your canned goods as light weights. The cans display their weight in ounces on the labels so you can choose between about one- and two-pound weights.

Bottled Water

Like canned goods, water bottles are a great way to add light weight or use as cones in agility training. After you drink the water, save the bottles and add beans or grains to increase the weight in your workout. If you head out on vacation, keep this in mind while at the beach and refill your bottles with sand for even greater resistance.


Up your weight and use wine bottles. I love using wine bottles in my balancing workouts and strength training exercises because they have easy-to-grip handles allowing for easy movement.

Gallon of Water or Milk

Use your gallon-sized containers to replace your Kettlebell workouts. Use these in your swings, deadlifts, and squat-and-presses. Again, once you’ve consumed the milk or water, you can always refill the containers with something heavier to up the intensity of your workout.

Laundry Detergent Bottles

Grab a large container from your big box store to add even more weight to your at-home workout.


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