How to DIY Your Own Yoga Props + Yoga Mat Cleaner

How to DIY Your Own Yoga Props + Yoga Mat Cleaner

Don’t let lack of props limit your yoga practice. Try making DIY yoga props at home so that your yoga practice can flourish. 

Practicing yoga is great for your mind and body, but don’t forget that you need more than just a mat. Props can be a yogi’s best friends! Even as an experienced yogi, I use props all the time to help me with my form, alignment, and advanced postures. You don’t need to go invest in multiple yoga props; they’re easy to make at home. These are the yoga props you need for your practice.

Yoga Mat

This is the one prop I can’t help you DIY at home. It’s wise to invest in a good yoga mat so that you can be stable in your practice. 

Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks are your friend and help bring the floor to you. There are two kinds of blocks: Foam and cork. Foam blocks are light and versatile; they can be used in multiple areas of your practice. The cork blocks are sturdier, making them ideal for balancing or standing poses, or any portion of your practice that requires more weight on the blocks. To make a DIY yoga foam block, grab a bath or beach towel, fold it horizontally in half twice, and roll it tightly. Use three large rubber bands to secure the towel into a firm roll, making sure all loose ends are tucked in. If you decide you want to purchase yoga blocks, check out my Amazon list of must-buy props for beginners.


Blankets can give support to your hips, knees, and back during your practice, and you likely already have several around your house to choose from. Use your blanket to lift your hips when necessary to help you maintain or achieve proper form.

Yoga Strap

Yoga straps help you work more deeply into certain yoga postures, such as enabling you to get a little more leverage into a forward bend. To DIY a yoga strap, look for belts, scarves, or hand towels in your home. The ideal item will be one that allows you to make a loop, so that when you’re learning a standing balancing pose, you’ll feel more secure.


Bolsters are important for restorative yoga, but they can be expensive for those just starting out in their practice. Instead of investing right away, consider what you have in your home; bed pillows, couch cushions, or decorative pillows all work as a DIY bolster, and allow you to choose how much support you need.

Eye Pillow

During restorative yoga, eye pillows are helpful to maintain your practice. You can use them to add light pressure to your chest, back, and hands, or for their intended purpose of being used over your eyes. To create a DIY eye pillow, take a clean mid-calf length sock and fill it with rice or beans from your pantry, then tie the end off. To add aromatherapy to your practice, spray the eye pillow or sock with essential oils.

Yoga Mat Cleaner

DIY yoga mat cleaner is important in your practice; use it to keep both your mat and your yoga props clean without breaking the bank. Grab a spray bottle from your local dollar shop and follow this easy recipe:

DIY Mat Cleaner

1 part Distilled Vinegar

2 parts Water

10-20 drops essential oil (I prefer Tea Tree or Citrus for their antibacterial qualities)

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