How to Stock Your Fridge and Pantry for Emergencies

How to Stock Your Fridge and Pantry for Emergencies
June 2020 |

The ultimate list of the products you should always have on hand to get through tough times

You should be stocking up on more than toilet paper.

Stocking your pantry and fridge during an emergency can be incredibly stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re limiting shopping trips due to social distancing or creating a stash ahead of storm season, watch the video and keep reading to get my best tips on how to prepare your kitchen and pantry for emergencies.

First, take a breath. If you’re stocking up to weather the social distancing related to Coronavirus, then remember, this isn’t storm season. While you do need to limit trips to the store, you still have access to potable water and a steady power and gas supply, so you don’t need to avoid chilled items or rely solely on canned goods.

The best thing you can do before stocking up is to take inventory of what you have. It’s easy to panic buy items you don’t have the need or the space for, so take the time to review what’s in your pantry and refrigerator and do a clean out before you head to the store. Toss anything that’s expired or donate goods you won’t use so that you’ll have space for the quality-nutrition foods that are beneficial in your diet.

Look for Quality Frozen Foods

You can never have too many frozen fruits and vegetables. They’re useful in a variety of sauces, smoothies, and dishes to round out your diet. My preferred protein is frozen seafood; it thaws quickly and bulks up veggie-heavy dinners, meaning you get easy meals loaded with healthy nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, all of which help you boost immunity, which is key right now.

Canned Foods Are a Great Alternative

Canned beans are easy sources of protein that don’t require refrigeration, and a smart way to extend your meal-prep stash. Canned vegetables also help round out healthy meals; you’ll never catch me without canned tomatoes for making authentic tomato sauce.

Dried Goods Add Variety

Use dried fruits to up your snack game. You can make a variety of trail mixes using different dried fruits. Dried vegetables, like kale, take the place of traditional chips, adding nutrients to your snacks as well as new flavors, which is helpful when you’re looking for ways to change things up when stuck at home. While you’re at the store, grab a bag of dried milk in case you lose access to fresh; your coffee will thank you!

Add Grains to Your List

There’s no reason not to buy a bulk bag of your favorite grains to have on hand. They keep well and provide you with an easy way to round out a meal with little effort. Consider buying smaller packages of new-to-you grains to give yourself variety and the chance to experiment while being stuck at home.

Expand Your Proteins

When space is tight in your fridge and freezer, consider my favorites: tuna, salmon, and chicken packets. These immunity-boosting meats are easy to store and up your protein, which aids in immunity.

Grab my downloadable checklist to carry with you to the grocery store.

Lastly, remember that taking care of yourself is more than just stocking your pantry; make sure you’re getting in workouts, taking walks in open spaces when allowed, and interacting with friends over video calls or messaging services. We may not be together, but we don’t have to be alone.

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