4 Spicy Deviled Egg Recipes

Spicy Deviled Egg Recipes

Loaded up on colored Easter egg leftovers or looking for the perfect picnic contribution? Check out these 4 devilishly spicy deviled egg recipes to give those hardboiled eggs a kick! 

Do you have tons of colored hardboiled eggs taking up space in your fridge after Easter? Or perhaps you want to bring a dish to an upcoming party, BBQ, or tailgate. Or maybe you’re just looking for the perfect appetizer to put out for your spice-seeking friends. If spice if your thing, then you’ll definitely want to check out these 4 spicy deviled egg recipes I’ve got for you.

4 Spicy Deviled Egg Recipes

No matter your level of spice, I’ve got a recipe to meet anyone’s spice preference:

  • Game Day Spice
  • Exotic Spice
  • Southern Spice
  • Sweet & Spicy

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Spicy Deviled Egg Recipes | Easter Hardboiled Egg Leftovers | Nutrition Nuptials | Mandy Enright MS RDN RYT


Buffalo Blue Cheese Deviled Eggs

Change up your usual game-day Buffalo Wing ritual for these spicy blue cheese deviled eggs. These eggs will appeal to your Buffalo-flavor loving friends. Made with Buffalo spice blend or use your favorite hot sauce to kick up the heat.  GET THE RECIPE HERE


Spicy Kimchi Deviled Eggs

Kimchi has finally been getting its due as a result of being great source of probiotics. This spicy Korean cabbage creation is featured both in the deviled egg filling as well as a spicy topping. If you like spice with flavor, give these eggs a try! GET THE RECIPE HERE


Cajun Deviled Eggs with Fried Oysters

If there’s one thing I’m a sucker for, it’s not just a unique Deviled Egg filling, but when there’s a topping on my egg. Fried Oysters go perfectly with the Cajun seasoned filling. If you want to impress your guests, this one is a crowd-pleaser! GET THE RECIPE HERE


Sweet & Spicy Thai Chili Deviled Eggs

If you love a mix of sweet AND spicy, then these Thai Chili Deviled Eggs will hit the spot. Made with thai chili sauce, you’ll get your sweet & spicy fix. These eggs kick up the spice with the addition of gochujang sauce. GET THE RECIPE HERE

Deviled Egg Shortcuts

If you’re making deviled eggs, you don’t have to start from scratch. Many egg companies now sell packaged hardboiled eggs, which saves A LOT of time and skips a lot of steps. But if you prefer to DIY on the hardboiled eggs, check out this easy InstantPot recipe.

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Spicy Deviled Egg Recipes | Easter Hardboiled Egg Leftovers | Nutrition Nuptials | Mandy Enright MS RDN RYT

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Spicy Deviled Egg Recipes | Easter Hardboiled Egg Leftovers | Nutrition Nuptials | Mandy Enright MS RDN RYT

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