How to Avoid Gaining Weight While Working from Home

How to Avoid Gaining Weight While Working from Home

Working from home, and maintaining your weight, is a discipline you can learn. 

Transitioning to working from home instead of a traditional office space can be a challenge, especially when it comes to your diet. Follow my tips to avoid gaining weight while working from your home office.

Don’t work in your kitchen. 

Those expansive counters may be tempting, but their proximity to tempting food may be too much. If your kitchen is the only room with space, then of course use that space to work from home, but if you can avoid working alongside chips, treats, and sugary drinks, your body will thank you. Instead, work elsewhere and plan to take breaks for healthy snacks. This will also help you maintain a healthy boundary between your kitchen, a personal space, and an office setting where you can focus on work.

Make a schedule.

Treat working from home as if you are still going into an office. Your workday follows a routine or pattern, which can fall away once you start working from home. You need to establish a new routine for yourself that includes a set start and stop time and breaks for movement, meals, and snacks. Make the most of your flexibility, but do establish a schedule that works for you.

Wear pants.

Hear me out! It’s very tempting to sit at home in pajamas, but wearing pants with a waistband helps you keep track if you are gaining weight during your work from home period. When you put on clothes, you’re also more productive and ready to tackle the day.

Stick to your basic nutrition principles. 

While it may feel like a relaxing day at home, this is not a time for endless treat days. Instead, focus on your core nutrition pillars, loading up on fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. Be mindful of portion sizes and variety, and limit processed foods. When looking to snack, try to increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. The good news is you’re likely cooking more from home, which means you’re already taking in better foods.

Set up your space.

I call this Environmental Engineering. Set yourself up for success! Keep the cookies and treats in back of the pantry, not on the counter where you can see them. Save that prime real estate for fruits and vegetables. This goes for the fridge and freezer, too. Keep healthy snacks at eye level.

Get up and MOVE! 

It’s even more important to get up and move intentionally while working from home. It’s way easier to sit in your comfortable chair at home all day than it is to stay in your office chair. Set your cell phone or calendar alarm to go off every 30 minutes so you get up and move productively. Wear a headset or earbuds so you can walk around while you’re on a conference call. Multitasking movement is a great thing; walk your dog while catching up with clients, try my chair yoga videos while you’re on audio calls, or just press pause on work to do a few stretches or squats. When you do get up to move, make sure the kitchen is not your consistent first destination.

Fit in fitness. H3

If you’ve ever claimed not to have time to work out, now is the time to change that. The number one complaint I hear from clients is that they don’t have time to exercise their bodies. But now, you’re no longer commuting; use that time to move your body. Now is a great time to get into a workout routine; many apps and workout groups are doing free trials, so find what works for you. Put that time on your calendar as part of your daily schedule now so that you can keep it there moving forward. And you don’t need a fancy home gym, either — you can stay fit using simple items you already have at home. Check out my favorite home fitness hacks.

My three take-aways I want to give you for any time period that you’re working from home are:

  1. Set boundaries around yourself, your schedule, and your time.
  2. Eat and move with intention, not mindlessly.
  3. Make a plan that you can follow, and make sure it includes time for exercise.

Follow those simple principles and you’re setting yourself up for success.

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